I started my journey of becoming a product illustrator around May 2017 when I joined Flipkart. Since I don’t have a design background and had chosen to leave my first tech job as a developer and become a product illustrator, there have been some key learnings that I have learned from making mistakes, following advice from some amazing designers and mentors around me.

My experiences and learning so far have helped me become a little better every day. The following points are from my experience as a product illustrator in an organization as well as an Illustrator.

1. Illustrator vs product Illustrator.

To even being…

Illustrations are fun and challenging thing to do at the same time. The level of complexity and details is what makes it nice to look at. 3 years back when I started illustration, I was pretty much dazzled by highly intricate work in illustrator posted by a lot of good artists on net. These had gradients, shadows, highlight and what not? I also managed to understand how make intricate work for some time and how one could make an intricate illustration in illustrator along with style of different material in monochromatic colour. Personally, Grayscale helps me understand the lighting, shadows…

Shivam Thapliyal

Writes about product illustrations and tech art. Product Illustrator at Swiggy. Ex-Flipkart. www.shivamthapliyal.com

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